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With a big heart.

Demo Reel

I’m an East Coast based actor who loves collaboration. I enjoy working with all kinds of artists and adapting to new creative environments. I credit my flexibility on set to my sense of humor and my level of commitment in preparation. I am of the mind that discipline equals freedom. Do your homework, then let it go.

Film Features

The Morning Breeze

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Magnolia Flowers

“Emma will elevate a character from the page to a person on the screen. As a master of nuance, she has no crutch or weakness. All the tools are at her disposal, but she knows the right ones to choose for the performance. Expect elevation, expect gravitas, expect to see exactly what you want and more on the screen. Her invaluable instincts make her a great actress and true professional.”

(dir. I’ll Be Home for Christmas)

Behind the Scenes

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