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Brand cOllabs

When it comes to brand collaborations, I'm all about genuine alignment.


Personalized one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique needs.

Authenticity is key...

with Brand cOllabs

When it comes to brand collaborations, I'm all about genuine alignment. I love to work with brands that:

  • fit the focus areas below

  • celebrate and inspire creativity 

  • embody authenticity and relatability

  • empower individuals or small businesses

My areas of focus

Existential Comedy

Humorous explorations of life's big questions.

Psychological Insights

Deep dives into personal growth and well-being.

Online Business

Strategies and insights for digital entrepreneurship.

Unleash your potential...

with consultations

With a unique blend of expertise, I'm here to guide you toward clarity, strategy, and inspired action in your content creation journey. Together, we will:

  • dissect challenges and set goals

  • build actionable plans for growth

  • overcome limiting beliefs and fears

  • craft content that resonates with your values

  • develop effective systems to keep you on track

30 min session: $75   |  60 min session: $125

My areas of EXPERTISE

Content Creation Mastery

Don’t leave it up to chance. Let's create systems to ensure your creativity thrives and your message reaches the right audience. 

Strategic Online Business

Navigate brand deals confidently, approach corporate clients with ease, and manage projects efficiently. Let’s bring order to your business endeavors.

Mindset and Development

It’s time to overcome limiting beliefs, prioritize authenticity, create your grand vision, and shape a positive outlook that fuels your success.

I have been trying to crack the code on TikTok but struggled to get my views up and suspected I had problems with my lighting, setting up scenes, and creating engaging dialogues and hooks. 


I had 3 one-hour meetings with Emma and it was the most efficient crash course on filmography and editing ever! 


My TikTok views are back up and I have a repeatable format to create great content AND it’s been fun which I completely didn’t expect. I’m so glad she helped me level up my social media game!"


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