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My sketches are most known for their loops - where the end of the video feeds right into the beginning. I do mock interviews, sketches about popular trends, and more.

Emma Waters Content Creator Behind The Scenes

Earth Series

This series follows ten characters and the conversations I imagine they would have while discussing Earth with the creator. It highlights the types of questions I have asked about existence and the confusion that comes along with the answers.

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Fan Worthy Comments

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Meet the characters

The Creator

A certified smart-aleck who doesn’t seem to care about the well-being of humans. There are two things she always has: the last word and her green baseball cap.


A judgmental narcissist who has a lot of insecurities to work through. Her walls and her heels are high.

CEO of "Who cares"

A certified trucker mouth who isn’t afraid of conflict. She’ll take you down with her middle fingers up.

Happy Go Lucky

A vibrant, easy going member of the group who occasionally stirs the pot. Although easily amused, she isn’t immune to being shocked.


Although she has taken up permanent residence in bed, she is somehow never really asleep. Perpetually tired, but always listening.

Sweet As Pie

A true lover with a heart of gold...and an empty brain. Although it may seem like she is paying more attention to her hair than the conversation, she’s always trying to keep up.

Smarty Pants

Intelligent, well read, and trying to put the pieces together. She is logical and fantastic at weighing pros and cons. She can never seem to comprehend Earth, no matter how hard she tries.


While wearing a mask of indifference, she calls the Creator out on bad ideas. She always sees the bad before the good, secretly cares about everything, and wants to be perceived as cool.


A well needed source of positivity and light, she could best be described as an excited puppy. Perpetually happy. Curious about everything. Openly enthusiastic.

Momma Bear

As the peacekeeper, she is always concerned, incredibly attentive, and usually disturbed by the conversation.

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Earth Series

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